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lead a workshop.  share what you know.

For something a little different, we're breaking from the usual conference model.  As we camp together, we'll teach each other.  This year's congress will be community taught!  Yes, we're tapping in to the vast knowledge base of Midwest educators to share what we know with each other.  Tell us your expertize and what you'd like to teach.  We'll put you on the itinerary.


Workshop Topics

  • Methods for Purifying/Treating Water

  • Survival Shelters

  • Ways to Cook Wild Edibles

  • Bow & Drill Friction Fire Technique

  • Fire Plow & Fire Saw

  • Wild Edibles of Midwest

  • Everything You Can Do With a Stick

  • Crafts to Make with Grasses

  • Storytelling

  • Finding & Catching Food

  • Knots

  • Navigating by Day

  • Navigating by Night

  • Campsites: Finding & Prep

Throughout this micro-retreat, Vaskebjorn participants have the opportunity to connect with more than one hundred non-formal, formal, and future educators who want to learn new outdoor skills to connect learning to local outdoor spaces and provide authentic field experiences that enhance knowledge attainment, dispositions, and classroom project goals. 


With five session topics to choose from, find a skill your can teach to your fellow participants. If selected, you will teach your skill in one 1-hour session.  Then you'll be free to attend workshops and keynotes throughout the rest of your weekend!


Please submit a session proposal to teach at this year's congress. To the left, you'll find topics last year's participants requested to learn this fall.




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