The chil­dren of Rain­tree, happy to skip off the beaten track and frolic in the world of adven­ture and do-goodness, have moved on to grap­pling with the umpteen small and great chal­lenges they face as members of our world: pre­serv­ing their for­est and study­ing the ani­mals and plants within it, rescuing cats, cleaning polluted waterways, and reminding grown-ups that sharks are beautiful (translation: not for shark fin soup!).

You say, “Civic engagement?”.  We say, “Of course!”  Cit­i­zens are many things:  creative, passionate, eager, dedicated, intelligent, and responsible.  So whether it's observ­ing and doc­u­ment­ing the hap­pen­ings of the nat­ural world and keep­ing tabs on the wild things you love; or spending four months writing and performing a PSA about poaching from oceans (in fully adorable kid-sewn costumes, mind you), the power of Raintree projects lies in that magic space where loving the place your in and wanting to make it better meets the optimism and creative-thinking of young children with agency.

At Rain­tree, our stu­dents delve into community-based projects as a way to find their place in the world and to make their voice heard. 


From our youngest stu­dents to each kinder­gartener, Rain­tree chil­dren are get­ting on with the actual busi­ness of chang­ing the world.  And the fol­low­ing needs to be said:  noth­ing looks bet­ter on a young child than muddy hands, a beam­ing smile, and heart full with a good deed well done!

a place where children are engaged in civic mindfulness; where young citizens share a sense of common good, intellectual courage and a love for all things wild.

2100 South Mason Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63131

​tel. 314.858.1033

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A Meeting of Minds

Action Projects at Raintree are started by kids and run by them. At Raintree, children of every age are empowered to visualize ways they can contribute to their community.