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the raintree approach

A Rain­tree class­room is one in which the chil­dren hold the wheel.  Fac­ulty con­trol the ped­als — they rev the gas when chil­dren need a chal­lenge and then put on the brakes to take a con­cept more slowly.  In the child-directed class­rooms here, each learner has a say in the who, what, when, where, and why of their edu­ca­tion. 

Children can be independent, creative humans who are capable of pointing in a direction and figuring out how to get there if they are given the space to do so, and at Raintree, we give  this space. Raintree kiddos can be found navigating this complicated territory, far more complex than the worksheets and rote drills found elsewhere, with a sort of bursting demand and barely contained excitement that our teachers are just waiting to capture.

This is what we at Rain­tree refer to as an opportunity.


So we take that oppor­tu­nity, bot­tle it up, let it build, and release it every day in every class­room at our small school called Raintree.

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