our food culture 

The food culture at Rain­tree School is as much about the rhythms and painstaking care we take in each moment of daily life at our school as it is about completely reevaluating the school lives of young children.  Presented with the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School Award in 2019, Raintree prides itself on practices that are sustainable and mindful to the environment. Our practices with food are no exception. Our conscious eating beliefs benefit students in more ways than one.

Healthy minds cannot thrive in the absence of healthy bodies.

Raintree's Sustainable Model Includes:

  • Partnering with local vendors who share our values and practice sustainable farming

  • Planning seasonal menus

  • Using alternative protein sources as often as possible

  • Growing our own food

  • Preserving produce for the winter

  • Incorporating meaningful food experiences into the curriculum

  • Reducing, reusing, recycling: creative leftovers, reusable dishes, and composting

At its best, food served to children is a glorious feast for the eyes and palette that ignites the brain into action.  Every detail of a child’s experience at Rain­tree is planned — down to our organic, locally sourced, made from scratch and not processed, seasonally responsive cuisine.  Yes, cuisine.  We take the food we serve for breakfast, lunch, and snack seriously, because we take your child’s health and success seriously. The important thing isn’t the minutiae of the attention we’ve placed on our food culture, but that we’ve created one at all and have done so with a purpose.  After all, keen minds cannot grow in the absence of healthy bodies.