our food culture 

The food cul­ture at Rain­tree School is as much about the rhythms and painstak­ing care we take in each moment of daily life at our school as it is about com­pletely reeval­u­at­ing the school lives of young chil­dren.  Food is a very use­ful thing.  If I may repeat the mantra, it fuels our day.  Imag­ine if every time you filled up your car, you packed it with sludge, or rather pre-chewed and once-digested sludge.  The car would even­tu­ally revolt in the form of ill-performance.  School food (insert pic­ture of Lunch Lady hold­ing ice cream

Healthy minds cannot thrive in the absence of healthy bodies.

scoop full of required Daily Pro­tein), at the least, should be reli­able and satisfying.


At its best, food served to chil­dren is a glo­ri­ous feast for the eyes and pal­let that ignites the brain into action.  Every detail of a child’s expe­ri­ence at Rain­tree is planned — down to our organic, locally sourced, made from scratch and not processed, sea­son­ally respon­sive cui­sine.  Yes, cui­sine.  We take the food we serve for break­fast, lunch, and snack seri­ously, because we take your child’s health and suc­cess seriously.

The impor­tant thing isn’t the minu­tiae of the atten­tion we’ve placed on our food cul­ture, but that we’ve cre­ated one at all and have done so with a pur­pose.  After all, keen minds can­not grow in the absence of healthy bodies.

a place where children are engaged in civic mindfulness; where young citizens share a sense of common good, intellectual courage and a love for all things wild.

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