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Pick Your Payout

Pick Your Payout

Ok, we had to do A LOT of tricky math to figure out how the house always to optimize this game for the best user experience.  Right.  Here it is:


  • Choose a dollar denomination you want to wager, then get all your friends to throw in, too, because the more people play, the higher the winning multiplier goes!  More on that below.
  • A random number generator will be used to pick a winner.  The winner receives an amount equal to their bill times the multiplier.  The more entries, the higher the multiplier!
  • Buying more than one bill raises your chances of winning AND raises the multiplier, so go nuts!  But keep in mind that each bill is considered a separate entry, so you will only receive the winning bill times the multiplier, not your total buy-in times the multiplier.
  • The multiplier will be calculated as follows:
    20 participants: 2x multiplier
    30 participants: 3x multiplier
    40 participants: 4x multiplier
    ...and so on in that fashion until...
    80 participants: 10X MULTIPLIER!!!
  • Again, each bill counts as a separate entry, raises your chances of winning, and counts towards the multiplier!
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