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Always Add Sprinkles

It starts on a snowy day. I suppose it always should. It keeps so many in, but not us. We are Raintree: school for the adventurous, bold, fearless, plucky, and daring. We are a schoolhouse of children wanting for an excuse, any excuse, to get out and fill the day with first encounters: the first dance party in the rain, first sight of a baby bird in its nest, the first tadpoles of the season. And on this snowy day, the children gust through their morning ritual. Tug on snow pants. Zip up coats. Jostle toes into boots. Secure hats. And in all their loudness (that familiar sound of joyful children en masse), voices hush as heavy feet silently step onto the softest of new snow.

Such beautiful snow, all gleaming and soft. Slowly, mittens full of snow make their way to little mouths with greedy tongues for a bit of a snowy snack. But wait….why not…

Soon, every child at Raintree prepares for their first encounter with snow ice cream. Here’s what you need to know to make your own:

collect 5 cups of undisturbed snow

mix in 1 ½ cup milk, ½ cup sugar, flavor of your choice (the children preferred vanilla or lemon & zest)

add sprinkles


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