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The Wonder of a Chickadee

The questions arrive unbidden. The wild does that; it forces questions. Perhaps gentle breezes coax the imagination to wake. Maybe Creek’s babble strikes up a conversation. And it’s not the usual ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’ of things. It’s the complexity of it all. There are thinks that must be thought in the slowness of time. And in the lazy stretching time of the woodland, children think. Raintree children, in the new season, will have this wild abandon to thought each day in their eleven-acre wood. They will watch. They will listen. They will feel. They will wonder. They are unyielding in their need to be a part of it, all of it, every bit. To grok is to nurture your inner scientist-artist-mathematician-author-musician-circus star. The woodland, tucked behind backyards and skulking at the faraway corners of parks is a grokking paradise. The woodland, nestling Raintree School in its woody trunks and burs is a rather profound playground for the young of Raintree. Full of mystery and untold stories. A child need only step in. It starts with one chickadee…

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