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What Are You Made Of

Wild lands creep into your bones. Cold morning air seeps in. Sunshine settles on your skin. Your eyes presume beauty, magic, toothy beasts, and greenish mystery at every glance.

Transformation. Now, anything less than a childhood chock-full of wild wonder-filled encounters is intolerable. Unacceptable.

Be it a park at the end of the block, a tangle of weeds kicked up from barren land, or an endless stretch of woodland, you’ll find it if you look. It hails from near and far. Prickly desert to rocky riverbed - wild lands are waiting for you.

For you to share the story of your place. For you to meet the beasts scurrying in your neighborhood. For you to graft your human form to the mossy body of the planet that surrounds us.

Today is Friday. We eat, sleep, explore, and dream in the forest. It’s in our bones.

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