The World is Big and Small: Lessons from Beasties in Raintree School's Forest

“How do you feel when a bug is stepped on?”

Big ideas start this way. A simple question on a beautiful spring day full of the potential of moral dilemma and promises to the world.

Should a child’s heart stir when a bug is stepped on? Is their life affected in measurable ways? Shouldn't a school provide a space for children to express what they feel when the tiniest of creatures is in danger?

Austin: I feel sad.

Danny: I’m sad.

Rohan: Mad.

Ellie: I feel sad because when someone steps on a buggy like a roly-poly I don’t like it.

Lian: Wormies broken because they got squishy.

Lillian: I’m sad when someone steps on a roly-poly ... it hurts.

Arthur: Scared that the buggy will be killed.