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The Color Red in the Forest

While exploring in the forest today, a few of the Butterfly Bubbles noticed a lot of red things. The first discovery was made on our trek to a never before seen area just outside the boundaries of Vine City. Scattered amidst the leaves, sticks and dirt, we found feathers--"Red feathers...with a little grey on them", said Ella, as she carefully picked them up. The conversation that followed was full of inquiry. The children made guesses as to where the feathers came from and why they were on the ground. Here's a glimpse into this special moment.

"These are small ones (feathers). Red feathers...with a little grey on them." -Ella

"There's an animal here! An animal gave one (feather) for the forest." -Izzy

During our feather inquiry, I asked the children to take a moment to listen to the sounds of the forest--"Shhh let's just listen for a moment. What do you hear?"

"I hear that...its a bird! I has two feathers here." -Allie

As Ella held onto her precious red feather, she heard birds chirping and looked up--"Those are birdies. They want to see us! Maybe they wanted to leave some (feathers) for us to take to our home."

"Look at these ones (feathers)!! Do you want this one Allie? It's for you!"

After the feather conversation, we sat together on a cliff overlooking the creek. The children saw a few birds flying to and from tree branches. After a few minutes, Izzy spotted "MORE of the color red--Look! I see there's berries over there! Red your coat, Annie!"

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