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Beautiful Like the Creek

The forest is a refuge. Senses are sharpened, details are noticed and time slows to a pace that is more... natural.

"I've never done sewing in the forest before. I like it." A preschooler commented.

"Me too. I like it better down here." Another added.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Hmmm. Maybe because we're outside. Most things are more fun outside," his friend observed.

"What about up on the playscape at school?" I probed.

"That's different."

"How so?"

Several moments passed before any of the boys answered. They were focused on the task at hand: decorating a birthday crown for their friend.

Finally, after securing a button, the sewer looked over at me and said simply,"The creek. The creek is down here."

"Yeah! I think the creek is really pretty," his classmate agreed, without looking up from his needle and thread.

"And it sounds nice." the third noted.

"This crown is going to be beautiful! Like the creek."

The time spent in the forest is about the quality of time. Opportunities for meaningful reflection take place and self awareness is heightened. Children take the time to fully invest in what they are doing: be it developing new skills such as sewing and weaving, investigating new mini beasts, or challenging themselves to build bridges across the water.

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