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The Story of the Lemon Tree

For those of you who don't know, Raintree has a lemon tree that lives next to the Kindergarten classroom.

This is a resilient tree that has made it through many seasons.

Sometimes when it receives too much water, it protests by hanging limp, its leaves weighed down.

At times when it's been unfortunately neglected, the tree sends out an SOS by curling its leaves up in the hopes that someone will quench its thirst.

Though the tree lives through these times of scarcity and glut, it also has another season: this season is one of blooms that are pollinated by paintbrush or hand which produce both fruit and failure. Once the fruit begins to grow, watchful eyes document with baited breath its every millimeter of growth, until at last there is a lemon which was cultivated with love and tenderness.

The very best lemon. We all have a lemon tree inside each and every one of us. Remember to check in on yourself and others, because missing the very best lemon isn't something anyone wants to do.

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