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Birthday Celebrations

At Raintree, we have many traditions to help us celebrate our students' birthdays. On their birthday, each child makes a special crown, we read a birthday story as a class, and of course, we sing happy birthday.

When the birthday child arrives at school they are invited to create their very own birthday crown, decorating it however they wish. They choose everything from the color to the specific materials. Watching the child choose from our large selection of jewels, buttons, beads, feathers, string, felt letters, and wooden letters is a moment to marvel. While the child is engaging their fine motor skills, carefully gluing on jewels, string, and feathers, they are also tapping into their own sense of their creative self. The child then practices spelling their name as they find the letters and add them to their crown. The beautiful crown creations are then worn for the rest of the day and brought home to keep as cherished mementos. These crowns are very special to the children and are always unique to each child.

Every month, our wonderful Chef Katie makes a special birthday snack. Whoever has a birthday within that month gets a special birthday star in their birthday snack, displaying their special day. The class sings happy birthday again and enjoys the snack together. Whether it’s cookie cake, brownies or cupcakes the children are always so excited to eat the monthly birthday treat.

Making each child’s special day unique and one for them to remember is all part of the magic that happens at Raintree School.

-Sophia Sears


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