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The Magic of Mud

A little mud goes a long way, especially when you submerge yourself in a muddy puddle from head to toe! But at Raintree, we love the total sensory experience afforded by mud play. Along with the fun of being messy, engaging with mud on the playscape helps children develop a myriad of motor skills; grip strength increases as they squish mud in their hands, hand-eye coordination develops as they scoop and pour, and gross motor muscles strengthen as they jump in puddles. Additionally, creativity, language, and social emotional development is abound as children navigate the shared space and materials in the digging zone. During mud play, the possibilities are endless!

Two friends carefully carried a bowl of mud to a large rock nearby. Then, they dipped sticks into the bowl and carefully decorated the rock with pictures, symbols, and letters. "We're artists! We're painting our house!" they said.

Another friend found a round piece of bark and said, "Watch! I made a volcano!" as he poured water into the center of the bark. As the water level rose, the volcano erupted with muddy lava!


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